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Official Opening Ceremony of Sherbiny Engineering Kft. in Godollo

On 13 April 2015, Mr. Mohamed Sherbiny, Chairman of Sherbiny Holdings, officially opened Sherbiny Holdings newest office in Godollo, Hungary.


On the 13 April 2015, Mr. Mohammed Sherbiny, Chairman of Sherbiny Holdings, officially opened Sherbiny Engineering and Innovation Kft. in Godollo, Hungary. The project cost more than 250 million HUF and is likely to employ 30-50 highly skilled engineers over the coming years.

Mr. Majed Sherbiny, COO of Sherbiny Holdings, in his opening speech described this event as one of the greatest milestone in the history of Sherbiny Group and an important pinpoint in developing a global network.

Dr. Szabolcs Szoboszlay, General Manager of Sherbiny Engineering Kft, in his speech mentioned the important competition Hungary won when choosing the location of this center and highlighted the significant support and advance this office will be able to provide to the Holding company in Saudi Arabia.  Mr. Gyorgy Gemesi, Major of Godollo, referred to this day as a memorable day, as the first private Saudi Arabian company chose to open its first European office in Godollo. Finally, Mr. Balazs Garamvolgyi, Director of International Business and the Honorary Consul of Hungary in Bahrain, in his closing speech underlined the importance of this new office for Sherbiny Holdings and expressed his delightedness that the Sheriny Group chose Hungary as his new strategic partner for development.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Mohammed Sherbiny and Dr. Istvan Szabo, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, signed an MOU for long term corporation between Sherbiny Engineering Kft. and University of Godollo.


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13.05.2015, Godollo